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Houston Chronicle Article "Allen Brothers" Nov 13,2015
Houston Chronicle Article "Allen Brothers"
Houston Chronicle Article
Twelve by Twelve Opening Reception
Pink Days at The Rose
Application 2012
12x12 Prospectus Nov 2012
Winter Landscape Paintings By The Masters
Winter landscape paintings are usually created during the colder months of the year. As most murals do, they focus on the natural beauty of the outdoors rather than the people.
Hisotry Behind The Serigraph Print
People see a product that is made by means of a serigraph print multiple times per day, but few know anything about the process. This wide-ranged art form is incredibly versatile that the different industries that use it are all around us, and yet entirely indistinguishable from each other.
Methods Used To Create Original Prints
When an artist finishes a painting, they can make arrangements for original prints to be made off of the finished work of art. The intentional creation of the blocks and plates to make copies of the work is usually referred to as the first generation reproductions.
Salvador Dali Lithographs For Investment
Salvador Dali lithographs are limited copies of original artworks made from etchings on limestone. The pictures are produced by the artist himself, and usually signed by hand afterwards.
Handmade Reproduction Paintings
Reproduction paintings, or repro paintings, are handmade replicas of original works of art. They are crafted by professional artists mimicking the authentic piece to a ‘T’.
Lori Betz Featured in Here: Lifestyle and Entertainment Magazine
Lori Betz was recently featured in Here: Lifestyle and Entertainment Magazine where Kim Hogstrom explained Betz's reasoning for opening Betz Art Foundry and her love for the Houston art community.
Impressionst Artists Transformed Painting
France is best known for its classical literature, the Statue of Liberty gifted to the United States, and famous Impressionist artists combined with an intriguing history and colorful past. The Palace of Versailles, The Seine, and the Eiffel Tower all stand as testament to this countries rich creati...
Tuscany Landscape Paintings Are Ideal for Decor
Reflections of bright flowers dot the countryside with colors of orange and red acting as an example of the many different Tuscany landscape paintings. Vibrant artwork filled with colorful flowers and somber depictions of local dwellings provide a unique art style that remains popular today.
Lanscape Oil Paintings by Masters From The Hudson River School
Few subjects can inspire the soul and beautify the environment like the best of landscape oil paintings. Whether the subject is a delicate flower nestled between vibrant foliage or wintery country sides alive with wooly sheep, nothing has the diversity or elegance as a masterpiece displaying nature ...
Figure Prints of Any Style or Form
The human form has been idolized and worshiped in fine artwork throughout the ages, and the ability to purchase high quality figure prints has insured more people can appreciate the beauty associated with many of the fine artworks without necessarily spending an arm and a leg. Male, female, and chil...
Canvas Giclees Are Perfect for Home or Office Decor
Utilizing some of the highest quality printing methods known today, canvas giclees are reproductions that offer an almost exact copy of the original. While there are many types and styles of reproductions on the market today, this form of artwork is ideal for those on a budget.
Repro Paintings Rival Originals
There are many techniques used to offer reproductions of art and one is repro paintings. Others such as lithographs or giclee offer the collector a copied image of the original work of art. This is usually signed, numbered, and dated by the artist or the representative and licensed agent for the ar...
Influential French Impressionist Paintings
Open composition and fine visible brush strokes are the trademarks associated with French impressionist paintings. Coined by Louis Leroy in a satiric review of Claude Monet’s masterpiece “Impression”, soleil levant, the phrase was thereafter attached to similar styles of artwork by future artists. E...
Canvas Paintings Support Various Genres
Canvas paintings are an intricate and special type of artwork where an artist uses a brush dipped in paint to create art pieces on canvas. This fabric has many versatile purposes ranging from backpacks to tents, but for the artist, this medium allows for freedom of stroke and allows unique pieces of...
Famous Artwork Prints Versus Originals
When it comes to famous artwork, prints and reproductions often allow a household to display copies of an original that would otherwise be unobtainable, due to high cost and rarity.
Most Popular Picasso Art Paintings
Few masterpieces elicit the raw emotion, and ignite the imagination like a piece of Picasso art. This Spanish sculptor, printmaker, stage designer, ceramicist, and painter, is one of the most influential figures of that era still prompting the same raw emotion today.
Cheap Canvas Prints Provide Alternative
Collectors that have discovered cheap canvas prints are delighted to add these to their collections. This is a more attractive option as opposed to having the reproductions done on matte or paper.
The Attraction of Abstract Art Paintings
Most people can appreciate the visual language found in abstract art paintings. Composition may include color, line, or form that exists completely independent of the visual references commonly used or experienced in life.
Elements of Contemporary Bronze Sculpture
Contemporary bronze sculpture follows trends in the greater world of art. Modern works of both abstract and figurative representations dominate the mode of contemporary bronze sculpture.
How Prints Are Made
Art reproductins are often referred to as prints. However, there are a number of popular methods used to get those amazing reproductions.
The Benefits of Oil Reproductions
Oil reproductions are becoming more and more obtainable to people of all walks of life. Several on-line businesses and professional galleries offer them.
Prints on Canvas
Prints on canvas offer a decent alternative to original works. Famous paintings are now available as stunning reproductions in the form of prints on canvas.
The Reproduction of Art Masterpieces
The reproduction of art is a beautiful way for museums and galleries to show off fantastic images created by master painters worldwide. This can all be done without having to continuously ship pieces from building to building or across the sea and land.
The History of Reproduction Artwork
The history behind the reproduction of artwork has come a long way since the days of ancient China. As with many ways of life, the reproduction of artwork has progressed from manual means to advanced computerized methods.
Picasso Paintings In Periods
Picasso paintings have made a profound impact on the art world. Few artworks elicit the emotion and awe as those associated with Picasso paintings.
Various Types of Reproductions
Many of the greatest works of art are copied through the quality reproductions prints that are made from them. There are merely thousands of titles that are copied for many different types of uses in the art world.
Salvador Dali Prints Are In High Demand
Many people greatly admire the painter and collect Salvador Dali prints. This is why there is great demand for copies of his work.
What Is an Abstract?
The question "What is an abstract?" has several different answers.
Describing Litho, Which is Short for Lithograph
The way to describe a lithograph, or litho for short, is to say that it is a replication or a type of copy of an original piece. In essence, it is a type of printing technology.
Why Giclee Art Prints Are Great Representations of the Original
A giclee art print is an excellent representation of the original work produced by a painter. For matching color and quality to the masterpiece, nothing beats the giclee art print.
Contemporary Paintings In Stages
One of the most common questions that always seem to find its way into a conversation on art is, “What exactly are contemporary paintings?” The good news is that there is nothing wrong with asking questions.
Impressonist Paintings Are A Highly Regarded Art Form
Once considered a violation of popular academic art, impressionists paintings are one of the most highly regarded art forms today. Brush strokes became the primary focus over traditional contours and lines.
Why People Buy Canvas Prints
Often times, people choose to buy canvas prints online to save money and time. It is a convenient way to add artistic elegance to ones home or office, without having to take the time to make a trip in to town.
Properties of A Sculpture In Bronze
The intricate properties of a sculpture in bronze lend a hand in its durability and long standing popularity in the art world. The creation process is unique and lengthy, requiring the expertise of a knowledgeable art professional.
Sculpture Services
Canvas Art Prints
Bronze Sculpture
The process to create a bronze sculpture is complicated.
Black and White Prints
Many people prefer black and white artwork prints over those that are done in color. It is hard to image, that for years, many people only dreamed that they would be able to photograph things in real color. Now that it is possible, many people prefer to go back to the older types of photography.
Art Canvas Reproduction
Classification of Contemporary Canvas Artwork
There are many different categories of contemporary canvas artwork.
Thomas Kinkade Prints
Thomas Kinkade prints are an amazing addition to any gallery, and while this amazingly detailed and popular artist remains prolific, obtaining originals of the artwork is not always so easy. However, the internet is an amazing technology allowing people to meet with resolutions not always before po...
Picasso Art in Blue Period, Rose Period and Cubism
Picasso Art went through several periods including the Blue Period and the Rose Period.
Lithographs Provide Pathway to the Masters
Lithographs offer an alternative to owning an original artwork.
Houston New Foundry To Open in April
Understanding The Paintings Of G. Harvey
The paintings of G. Harvey have a way of bringing the past to life. It is surreal to see them because one is almost completely transformed back to the time when field hands rode everywhere on horseback and life was a lot slower paced.
Texas History Through Oilfield Artwork
Throughout the last century, many artists have dedicated themselves to capturing the wells and other scenes that make Texas the great oil producing state that is known for in the country.
Limited Edition Giclees Can Offer Better Quality
Many times, clients will ask for limited edition giclee prints. The reason that they specify this type of process is because the quality of the color and the quality of the paper is much better than what can be found in other types of processes.
Information On Fine Art Photographic Prints
Fine art photographic prints are the result of a shutterbug that captures and pictorializes with their camera rather than just commissioned stills for public use such as with a news agency or newspaper.
Buying A Native American Oil Painting
Few pieces of art elicit such awe and emotion as a Native American oil painting. There are a variety of styles and techniques utilized in the creation of this often amazing artwork, but true pieces of art display the life, hardships, triumphs, and emotions of this amazing heritage and culture.
An Impressionist Artist Produces Unique Works Of Art
An Impressionist artist produces some of the most unique works of art in the world. No other style of paintings is like these. Whether a person likes it or not, they can more than likely identify it among the others.
The Purpose Of Modern Reproductions
Whether it is making a replica of a painting or a copy of a beautiful photograph, modern reproductions have certainly surpassed the earlier skills of printers. Sometimes it is true that the skillset must be matched equally by the tools that are available to the artist.
An Indian Figurative Painting Shows Art And Culture
The art of Indian figurative painting dates back to pre-historic times and encompasses various forms of artistry. From Madhubani pieces to cave paintings, the ethnic art out of this country in Asia has deep meaning for their culture and history.
Prints On Canvas And The Types Of Processes
Prints on canvas can be achieved by using many different types of processes that are available to those in the industry today. With the invention of better inks and processes, it is possible to transfer images onto just about any type of material.
What Sets Apart Impressionist Landscape Paintings From Others
One of the greatest things about impressionist landscape paintings is the way that the light is captured so precisely in each one. This is one of the signatures of this type of artistry.
Using Beautiful Landscape Paintings As Decor
A popular way to decorate a room in either a house or office is by hanging beautiful landscape paintings. It is a way of bringing the sereneness of nature indoors. There are many different subjects that can be depicted in one of these art pieces.
Decorate With An Oil Canvas Painting Of Ronald Reagan
Few images are as memorable or cherished as that of America’s most beloved presidents, and finding an authentic oil canvas painting of Ronald Reagan is an amazing addition to any collection.
Tuscan Landscape Paintings Express The Beautiful Land Of Italy
Famous for its Apennine Mountains, fine leather, generous hospitality, and ancient mythologies, Italy is also known for its Tuscan landscape paintings.
Giclee Artwork Has Become A Popular Term
Computer generated or ink-jet printers generally do not elicit visions of artistic masterpieces, and that is why giclee artwork became a popular term in this modern day and age of technology, merged with popular designs and designers.
Serigraph Painting Is Also Known As Printing On Screens
Serigraph painting is also referred to as printing on screens. Color is allowed to go through a stencil that is made of a material such as silk, and it will have sections that hold color and sections that do not.
The Process Of Original Prints
Original prints are pieces that are authentic works of art created by the artist or by an aide such as an artisan. Roughly translated, each of these pieces will not be copies or reproductions of any other known work.
Oil Painting Replicas Are An Option To Consider
Oil painting replicas are an option for the art lover who would love to have that original artwork by an old master but just cannot quite afford the price tag.
Adding Custom Frames To Paintings
Whether it is in an office, home, or a public building, people love to hang paintings on walls and use custom frames to really accent them.
What To Look For When Buying Oilfield Paintings
When looking for oilfield paintings, it will be obvious who the top artisans are in this genre. Andy Thomas, Galen Cox, and Gary Crouch pop up on almost every site as prolific artists of oilfield paintings.
The Different Scenes Within G. Harvey Paintings
Gerald of G. Harvey paintings is a native of Texas. He has always loved art, and this passion has taken him far.
All About Oilwell Paintings
Distinctive to the landscape in Texas would be the sight of an oilwell. Paintings are often made of them because while they are found throughout the country and the world, there is such a high concentration of them in Texas.
The Varieties Of Western Paintings
Few things elicit favorites of western paintings quite like phrases such as post-impressionism, romanticism, and neo-classicism.
The History Behind The Grand Ol Gang Painting
The Grand Ol Gang is a painting depicting past presidents interacting as though they lived in the same time period.
What Does Signed And Numbered Mean On Art
Painters signed and numbered their works starting back in the late eighteen hundreds as a way to promote and preserve their rights as the artist of those works.
What Is An Artists Proof
An artists proof was traditionally the first set of prints done from a stone or wood block of a painting.
Types Of Figurative Canvas Art
Figurative canvas art is by definition representational and retains a strong association with the real world.
Finding Paintings For A Childs Room
If one was to start researching paintings for a childs room, the search would be endless. That is because there are so many options thanks to the internet.
Why Paintings Of Trees Are So Popular
Paintings of trees are among some of the most popular pieces of art. They are also one of the more popular art subjects for artists to put on to canvas.
The Beauty Within Cowboy Art
Cowboy art is a beautiful thing. It captures the many aspects of an old wild westerner's life of roping, cooking, riding, and fighting. It also depicts horses, cattle and women.
Fine Art Glicee Prints are an option
Fine art Giclee prints have been around for a little over twenty years.
Landscape Paintings Offer A Variety
Many people enjoy landscape paintings because of their variety. There are so many different types and styles of this kind artwork, which helps it remains a popular art to collect and to give.
Irish Landscapes Paintings Capture Unique Views
Artists like Mary McSweeney (20th century) and John Henry Campbell (18th century) have been producing Irish landscapes paintings since they were young.
Landscape Paintings For Sale Online
Viewers and fans alike appreciate great artists and finding great landscape paintings for sale.
Betz Gallery Presents "Artful Hearts"...
Lithographs Online
When people want to find lithographs for sale, finding an avenue for the purchase is easier than ever.
Purchasing Canvas Prints Online
Purchasing canvas prints online is an ideal option when looking to add a personal touch to any décor.
Work of French Impressionist Painters
French Impressionist Painters
A Giclee Canvas Print is Extremely Popular Today
In the world of art, there are many popular avenues of getting the best image to the person, and Giclee canvas print and replication is extremely popular today
About Figurative Women Paintings
Figurative women paintings are among some of the most popular artworks displayed. Whether they are being purchased by admirers or being painted by an artist, these are among some of the most favored.
Living Room Paintings Add Life To Your Home
If looking for living room paintings sounds like a daunting proposition, then have no fear. The only thing that will be daunting, or in another term, baffling, is the unexpected amount of fun it is to explore the options.
Coming Up With Decorating Ideas
Decorating ideas can come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Wall art is no different as it too comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles.
Reproduction Painting Can Be Affordable
Choosing to add artwork to the home or office is often a big investment of time and money, but a reproduction painting is a realistic masterpiece created in an affordable way allowing the individual to save big money over the original.
The History Of Western Art
Western art comes from the United States and the European countries. There are many periods of this style that people can choose from.
Featured Art Dec 2011
Each month Betz Gallery feature specific artists and their work.
Pieces Of Figurative Sculpture Can Be Found Everywhere
Pieces of figurative sculpture are all around. Many are displayed in office buildings, city parks, monuments, memorials, amusement parks, museums and art galleries.
Sculpture Art History
Sculpture art has been around since the beginning of time. There are pieces that archaeologists have removed from digs that have proven that sculpture art has been around for a long time.
What Is A Sculpture
The term sculpture can cover a vast array of art objects. A very broad definition of the word sculpture would state that it is a three-dimensional object. It is not uncommon to see these almost everywhere.
What An Impressionist Painting Represents
An impressionist painting represents much more than simply a piece of art. The history behind the method as well as the artists that made it famous brings a unique amount of depth to each and every picture.
How To Pick Out Art Reproductions
Art reproductions decorate the halls of many famous homes and businesses. Most of the time, it is difficult for a person to tell if they are viewing art reproductions or original masterpieces.
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