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Winter Landscape Paintings By Master Artists

Winter landscape paintings have been created for centuries by budding artists in different techniques and brushes. This is because art is so versatile; it can be created beautifully in a number of techniques utilized by the artists. Pieter Bruegel the Elder, for instance, created art through a method he learned from a master in the Malines region. Though the approaches are different in nature, oil appears to be the most often used medium. The works are created in many mediums such as canvas and wood panels, giving the oil a textured appearance. They are also done in a wide view of the subject, which is the natural background of the image rather figurative canvas art.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s piece “Hunters in the Snow” was produced in 1565, with oils on wooden panel. The scene that is shown appears crestfallen as the men trudge home, carrying only a fox’s body. The eye is drawn to the village in the distance surrounded by the snowy trees. The picture is one of 6 created, though only five remain. Hendrick Avercamp, otherwise known as the mute of Kampen, crafted a piece entitled “Winter Landscape with Skaters”. The image depicts people enjoying the snow in different ways. “Winter Landscape”, a painting of a family’s winter outing, was made by Cornelius Krieghoff in 1849.

Artists have created winter landscape paintings for centuries, creating and learning different techniques. The many methods available have allowed artist’s to develop their own styles over time, enabling them to produce distinguishable works of art.

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Details On The Serigraph Print

The serigraph print is an art form using woven mesh and a solid stencil overlay to push paint or ink through and onto a surface such as paper or fabric. It is widely used in many popular designs, and also has a long-standing place in DIY culture.

This art form was created in China during the Song Dynasty, and made popular in Western culture by Andy Warhol. It is easily one of the most versatile and popular techniques for transferring paint or ink onto any printable surface.

One of the reasons this art form is so popular is its pure versatility. Using this method enables the artist to employ use of ink, paint, glue, glitter, and many other mediums with the ease of use on any surface from paper to canvas to fabric to make this easily one of the most attractive art forms available today. The initial cost is inexpensive, too. All that is needed to create one is a small piece of woven mesh, stencil material, and a squeegee. Of course, more advanced methods exist and range up into higher cost.

More professional use of this method can be seen on snowboard imaging, watch faces, printed electronics, signs and displays, and especially clothing. Many big companies use this for their designs. The method is becoming even more popular as advances are made to make use of safer paints and more advanced designs. Industries employing these techniques are all around us, so learning more about the process is important to many serious art fans. The serigraph print is simple and makes it easy to achieve very professional results for a variety of different needs.

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Ways To Create Original Prints

Every artist knows that there will be a need for original prints of the authentic work that they have created.  With this is in mind, there are often signed sheets of canvas or paper left behind along with the plates or molds that will be used to reproduce the works.  While there are several ways to achieve a copy, some are more feasible than others.

Giclee, lithographs and repro paintings are three of the most popular ways to copy a painting.  In the past, lithography was considered the medium for reproductions because it looked more like the actual painting, and there was no other way to copy a work of art.

Repro paintings have been used for quite some time, but not as often as lithographs because of the extreme amount of work involved.  When it comes to repro paintings, another artist recreates the work exactly as the artist first painted it.  This means mimicking brush strokes, and getting the color variations as close as possible to the authentic piece.

Giclee came along in the mid-80s and has been perfected over time.  Now it is the most popular method because of the affordability and flexibility that it involves.  Original prints can be made quickly and easily because the process involves a computer and the ability to save the image.  Once the image has been put into the program, the software allows the printer to be able to make as many copies as someone would want, and in any size that they need.

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Popular Salvador Dali Lithographs

Just as many artists create copies of their works, Salvador Dali lithographs were made by the artist through a process that requires a few important tools, such as limestone and oil-ink. These are sold at a more affordable price than the original pieces. The copies are meant to be kept in perfect condition, as the art appreciates in value by 20% a year. These are considered a cost effective way to be an art collector.

There are many Salvador Dali lithographs available to the general public, though not all of them are as widely known as The Persistence of Memory. This piece is of softened stopwatches, intended to express the connection between time and space. There are authorized copies of The City of Drawers, which expressed the division inside a person’s mind with the image of a human with a dresser-like torso. The Woman with a Head of Roses merely shows a woman whose head has been exchanged for roses. This, the artist explained, represented that wealthy people were distracted by their riches and enjoyed artificial things in his mind.

When the lithographs were being created, the artist began with a block of limestone and a grease-based crayon. He drew upon the stone, and applied water to the image. He then poured the oil-based ink on top of it and pressed a rubber blanket against it. This copied the image, backwards, onto the blanket and they could transfer it to the paper. The transfer is done in a stamping method, with the water keeping the ink from smearing on the paper. These images, once produced, start increasing in worth.

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Reproduction Paintings Of Popular Artwork

An original piece of popular art can be costly, but reproduction paintings are crafted and sold at a much more affordable price. This is because the duplicates are exact when compared to the original piece. The works are copied with a dot matrix pattern, which is a design of dots in the shape of the work of art. The copies are even capable of an increase in their worth, which means that as the years go by the selling price goes up. This is a fact known by most collectors, though they accumulate their treasures more for enjoyment than for profit.

The identical copies are sold for a more cost efficient price because they are not the original pieces of art. The replicas are copied onto different types of mediums, such as cardboard, paper, fiberboard, and canvas. If the reproduction paintings are done as canvas art, the purchaser can tell the difference between the original and the duplicate by looking at the edges of the board. The original piece would have inconsistencies in color, stray hairs from the brush, and multiple layers of paint. On the other hand, the replica is smoother and steadier. Usually, the replicated piece would bear a copyright on its surface as well.

An art collection of such popular artwork can easily be invested in, and be expected to return its investment multiple times over. This is because the depicted images are still done professionally, and are kept in immaculate condition. Many people confuse these items with prints, which are computer generated rather than handcrafted. This is because a print is still considered a replica of the original painting. The painting is meticulously copied by hand with the matrix pattern, leaving no detail overlooked.

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Impressionist Artists Who Changed Painting

Masters such as Oscar Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, and Alfred Sisley led the way for future Impressionist artists by opening the doors of acceptability. The earliest painters of the movement did not gain instant acceptance with the new form. In fact, the struggle only fed the movement to the greatness it experiences today.

A number of the founding members of the movement studied under Edouard Manet. While not credited with fathering the new form, Manet was an influential figure teaching the young painters about light, form, and angles. The subtleness of the paintings would become the trademarks for many of the young painters.

Oscar Claude Monet and his painting titled Impression: Sunrise would become the masterpiece that named this new movement. The Magpie, Flowering Garden at Sainte-Adresse, and Seine Basin with Argenteuil are works credited to this exceptional founding father. Many of these prolific Masters works are housed in museums and homes around the globe.

Paul Cezanne created complex pieces with fine brushstrokes utilizing unique color schemes. Known for an intense scrutinizing of his subjects, Cezanne excelled at displaying visual perception. Bather, A Modern Olympia, and The Black Marble Clock are popularized works by this famed painter. In addition, he created a number of popular self-portraits that are housed in a number of museums.

Impressionist artists that started the movement did not always have it easy. Yet perseverance and tenacity displayed by the painters ensured the new style would find a place in history. Concentrating on movement and brushstrokes created masterpieces that are unique, and appreciated throughout the community.

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Tuscany Landscape Paintings for The Home or Office

Few artworks compare to the beauty and versatility provided by Tuscany landscape paintings. Reproductions and replications allow for more households to truly appreciate the artwork regardless of budget. Whether in a home office or a corporate meeting room, this is a style of artwork that provides more to any room or space.

The colors associated with this type of artwork are warm and eye catching. Poppies are a popular subject matter with bright red coloration. In addition, farmhouses and vineyards full of grapes provide subject matter that soothes the viewer. The coloring of Tuscany landscape paintings ensures that it is going to match just about any décor.

These paintings come framed or unframed and in a variety of sizes. Just about any space can be home to this stylish décor. However, framing the artwork allows for customization within the desired space. With the money saved on the print or copy, the purchaser can easily obtain a desirable frame that really makes a statement.

Artists and painters throughout the centuries have enjoyed providing this style of artwork. It is easy to appreciate the colors, the style, and the subject matter. People enjoy artwork because of the emotion it can elicit. With Tuscan themed artwork, the feeling is warm and welcoming.

Many people can make these art pieces the centerpiece to a space, but it is just as easy utilizing smaller pieces as highlights. Since many are offered at reasonable prices, stylish artwork can become a part of any home or office. In addition, the ability to customize the frame makes this a style that will remain popular for decades to come.

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Landscape Oil Paintings In Various Artistic Movements

Vincent Van Gogh, Thomas Cole, and Claude Monet are all famous artists known for producing breathtaking images and spectacular landscape oil paintings. This style has been quite popular since the fifteenth century, although the style has been viewed as far back as the fifth century. The techniques have evolved, and the masterpieces present today are evidence of the changing styles, thoughts, and acceptances of the era.

Portrait, floral, still life, and animal artwork are all immensely popular, traditional landscapes are highly regarded and appreciated in a way the others are not. Each field saturated with poppies, every rabbit dashing for the briar bush, and all those trees swaying with the spring rains bring forth emotion from the viewer that transports him or her to the location. Every masterpiece is an escape to a world vibrantly executed by an artist.

Classicism, baroque, impressionism, expressionism, and other art movements have benefited from what nature has to offer. Whether the works contain animal or floral subject matter is of little consequence when it comes to the masters. Each piece is a marvelous example of how a moment in time can be captured and expressed for ages to come.

Some popular landscape oil paintings and the artists that created them include Thomas Cole who painted “A Departure”, “Home in the Woods”, and “IL Penseroso.”  Some Van Gogh paintings of this style include “A Field with Poppies”, “A Lane with Poplars”, and “Autumn Landscape at Dusk.” Lastly, Claude Monet is credited with bringing the viewer works of this genre including “A Cliff Walk Pourville”, “A View of Bordighera”, “Allee De Rosiers”, and “Apple Trees in Bloom at Giverny.”

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High Quality Figure Prints

Fine art pieces that include the human form have always been prized by purchasers and viewers, and a company that can produce high quality figure prints is definitely a company to take note of. It isn’t easy getting the human form replicated from those famous masterpieces. The artist often has to execute fine details that are difficult to recreate in a convincing copy.

The human form is an ideal representation of complete and total symmetry. The forms are different for males and females, adults and children. However, the elegance and symmetry of the human form makes it a popular subject. There are fine details associated with both forms that definitely separate the form in gender and age. A true artist capable of producing the human form excels at creating all those fine details.


Replications can be difficult especially when it comes to the fine details of artwork. However, a high quality company is capable of producing high quality reproductions.  Technologies today allow a duplication company to reproduce even the finest of details in many artworks. The price is reasonable especially when compared to the cost of the original.


With all of the options available for fine art reproductions, a company that can produce better quality figure prints is a company to keep close at hand. Adding a frame, matting, and embellishments helps insure that replication or reproduction is a favorite in any space for years to come. Even the imperfection of the artwork can become a conversation piece for the purchaser.

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Details On Canvas Giclees

Imagine the possibility of canvas giclees, which are a form of fine artwork prints, around the home or office providing an eye catching piece of art for viewers or potential clients. Each replication is created using an original artwork and a high quality reproduction machine. Giclee actually means “spray” in French, and each reproduction machine sprays a medium with ink to produce a high-quality print.

Questions of durability often arise. After all, many printers print pages that fade quickly. However, this method is produced on high-quality canvas and is always created using specialty machines that insure a high quality reproduction. In addition, many of the inks used insure that the copies are UV resistant and can last well over 100 years.

Interestingly, some of those replicas are actually originals, because modern artists understand the need to create multiple copies of their artwork. These limited editions are created specifically for this printing process and guarantee maximum exposure at a reduced rate. The lower rates guarantee placement in more homes and offices, offering greater exposure for the artist.

There is also a unique look that comes with owning these pieces. The look is desirable by both purchasers and viewers alike. Having a piece of art that lasts for generations offers beauty and elegance and makes the price of this artwork desirable and valuable as a potential investment.

With the number of reproduction types available today, canvas giclees remain a favorite. These convincing prints allow owners to appreciate fine art with an affordable price tag. In addition, every reproduction will last in its venue for years and years, offering vibrant colors and captivating scenes from famous and iconic originals.

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