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Details On The Serigraph Print

The serigraph print is an art form using woven mesh and a solid stencil overlay to push paint or ink through and onto a surface such as paper or fabric. It is widely used in many popular designs, and also has a long-standing place in DIY culture.

This art form was created in China during the Song Dynasty, and made popular in Western culture by Andy Warhol. It is easily one of the most versatile and popular techniques for transferring paint or ink onto any printable surface.

One of the reasons this art form is so popular is its pure versatility. Using this method enables the artist to employ use of ink, paint, glue, glitter, and many other mediums with the ease of use on any surface from paper to canvas to fabric to make this easily one of the most attractive art forms available today. The initial cost is inexpensive, too. All that is needed to create one is a small piece of woven mesh, stencil material, and a squeegee. Of course, more advanced methods exist and range up into higher cost.

More professional use of this method can be seen on snowboard imaging, watch faces, printed electronics, signs and displays, and especially clothing. Many big companies use this for their designs. The method is becoming even more popular as advances are made to make use of safer paints and more advanced designs. Industries employing these techniques are all around us, so learning more about the process is important to many serious art fans. The serigraph print is simple and makes it easy to achieve very professional results for a variety of different needs.

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