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Impressionist Artists Who Changed Painting

Masters such as Oscar Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, and Alfred Sisley led the way for future Impressionist artists by opening the doors of acceptability. The earliest painters of the movement did not gain instant acceptance with the new form. In fact, the struggle only fed the movement to the greatness it experiences today.

A number of the founding members of the movement studied under Edouard Manet. While not credited with fathering the new form, Manet was an influential figure teaching the young painters about light, form, and angles. The subtleness of the paintings would become the trademarks for many of the young painters.

Oscar Claude Monet and his painting titled Impression: Sunrise would become the masterpiece that named this new movement. The Magpie, Flowering Garden at Sainte-Adresse, and Seine Basin with Argenteuil are works credited to this exceptional founding father. Many of these prolific Masters works are housed in museums and homes around the globe.

Paul Cezanne created complex pieces with fine brushstrokes utilizing unique color schemes. Known for an intense scrutinizing of his subjects, Cezanne excelled at displaying visual perception. Bather, A Modern Olympia, and The Black Marble Clock are popularized works by this famed painter. In addition, he created a number of popular self-portraits that are housed in a number of museums.

Impressionist artists that started the movement did not always have it easy. Yet perseverance and tenacity displayed by the painters ensured the new style would find a place in history. Concentrating on movement and brushstrokes created masterpieces that are unique, and appreciated throughout the community.

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