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Landscape Oil Paintings In Various Artistic Movements

Vincent Van Gogh, Thomas Cole, and Claude Monet are all famous artists known for producing breathtaking images and spectacular landscape oil paintings. This style has been quite popular since the fifteenth century, although the style has been viewed as far back as the fifth century. The techniques have evolved, and the masterpieces present today are evidence of the changing styles, thoughts, and acceptances of the era.

Portrait, floral, still life, and animal artwork are all immensely popular, traditional landscapes are highly regarded and appreciated in a way the others are not. Each field saturated with poppies, every rabbit dashing for the briar bush, and all those trees swaying with the spring rains bring forth emotion from the viewer that transports him or her to the location. Every masterpiece is an escape to a world vibrantly executed by an artist.

Classicism, baroque, impressionism, expressionism, and other art movements have benefited from what nature has to offer. Whether the works contain animal or floral subject matter is of little consequence when it comes to the masters. Each piece is a marvelous example of how a moment in time can be captured and expressed for ages to come.

Some popular landscape oil paintings and the artists that created them include Thomas Cole who painted “A Departure”, “Home in the Woods”, and “IL Penseroso.”  Some Van Gogh paintings of this style include “A Field with Poppies”, “A Lane with Poplars”, and “Autumn Landscape at Dusk.” Lastly, Claude Monet is credited with bringing the viewer works of this genre including “A Cliff Walk Pourville”, “A View of Bordighera”, “Allee De Rosiers”, and “Apple Trees in Bloom at Giverny.”

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