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Popular Salvador Dali Lithographs

Just as many artists create copies of their works, Salvador Dali lithographs were made by the artist through a process that requires a few important tools, such as limestone and oil-ink. These are sold at a more affordable price than the original pieces. The copies are meant to be kept in perfect condition, as the art appreciates in value by 20% a year. These are considered a cost effective way to be an art collector.

There are many Salvador Dali lithographs available to the general public, though not all of them are as widely known as The Persistence of Memory. This piece is of softened stopwatches, intended to express the connection between time and space. There are authorized copies of The City of Drawers, which expressed the division inside a person’s mind with the image of a human with a dresser-like torso. The Woman with a Head of Roses merely shows a woman whose head has been exchanged for roses. This, the artist explained, represented that wealthy people were distracted by their riches and enjoyed artificial things in his mind.

When the lithographs were being created, the artist began with a block of limestone and a grease-based crayon. He drew upon the stone, and applied water to the image. He then poured the oil-based ink on top of it and pressed a rubber blanket against it. This copied the image, backwards, onto the blanket and they could transfer it to the paper. The transfer is done in a stamping method, with the water keeping the ink from smearing on the paper. These images, once produced, start increasing in worth.

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