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Ways To Create Original Prints

Every artist knows that there will be a need for original prints of the authentic work that they have created.  With this is in mind, there are often signed sheets of canvas or paper left behind along with the plates or molds that will be used to reproduce the works.  While there are several ways to achieve a copy, some are more feasible than others.

Giclee, lithographs and repro paintings are three of the most popular ways to copy a painting.  In the past, lithography was considered the medium for reproductions because it looked more like the actual painting, and there was no other way to copy a work of art.

Repro paintings have been used for quite some time, but not as often as lithographs because of the extreme amount of work involved.  When it comes to repro paintings, another artist recreates the work exactly as the artist first painted it.  This means mimicking brush strokes, and getting the color variations as close as possible to the authentic piece.

Giclee came along in the mid-80s and has been perfected over time.  Now it is the most popular method because of the affordability and flexibility that it involves.  Original prints can be made quickly and easily because the process involves a computer and the ability to save the image.  Once the image has been put into the program, the software allows the printer to be able to make as many copies as someone would want, and in any size that they need.

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