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Winter Landscape Paintings By Master Artists

Winter landscape paintings have been created for centuries by budding artists in different techniques and brushes. This is because art is so versatile; it can be created beautifully in a number of techniques utilized by the artists. Pieter Bruegel the Elder, for instance, created art through a method he learned from a master in the Malines region. Though the approaches are different in nature, oil appears to be the most often used medium. The works are created in many mediums such as canvas and wood panels, giving the oil a textured appearance. They are also done in a wide view of the subject, which is the natural background of the image rather figurative canvas art.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s piece “Hunters in the Snow” was produced in 1565, with oils on wooden panel. The scene that is shown appears crestfallen as the men trudge home, carrying only a fox’s body. The eye is drawn to the village in the distance surrounded by the snowy trees. The picture is one of 6 created, though only five remain. Hendrick Avercamp, otherwise known as the mute of Kampen, crafted a piece entitled “Winter Landscape with Skaters”. The image depicts people enjoying the snow in different ways. “Winter Landscape”, a painting of a family’s winter outing, was made by Cornelius Krieghoff in 1849.

Artists have created winter landscape paintings for centuries, creating and learning different techniques. The many methods available have allowed artist’s to develop their own styles over time, enabling them to produce distinguishable works of art.

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